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Mabushi Muslims Neighborhood Cleanup Campaign

Muslims in Mabushi, an area within the Abuja Municipal Area Council in the FCT declared a clean environment campaign in their neighborhood. The residents embarked on this campaign as it was to them an obligation they owe to their environment.

The community has livestock who feed on dirt and trash littered in different areas in the community. The leader of the campaign and the Imam of the As-sabiqun Masjid, Umar Niyi, reiterated the commitment of the Muslims within the community to help maintain a clean environment as encouraged by Islam.

As Muslim we have been encourage to keep ourselves and our environment clean. This will help improve our health and the health of the livestocks we feed upon” He said.


The Muslim community encouraged all other neighborhood to embark on this rewardful campaign especially the Muslims.

This amazing task is done on a bi-monthly basis and you can support this campaign as well especially if you reside within the FCT.

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