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April Fools Day: Muslims Say NO!


For many people around the world, the April 1st is marked with making a fool of their innocent victim by pranking them or telling them a lie which will be later revealed to the victim. This is a very unfortunate celebration.


For us as Muslims, we dissociate ourselves from this celebration or similar celebration due to the outright lie or harm it may cause the victim. We have been advised by God in the following verse to stay away from lying:


And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].

Qur’an Chapter 2 Verse 42


The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also said:

“The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand the people are safe, and the believer is the one who is trusted with the lives and wealth of the people.

Source: Sunan al-Nasā’ī 4998


It is clear from the above that it is not in our place as God’s creations to celebrate a day as this. To make it more clear on the benefit of being truthful at all times, God(Allah) the Most High on Judgment day will say:


This is the Day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness.’ For them are gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever, Allah being pleased with them, and they with Him. That is the great attainment.

Quran Chapter 5 Verse 119

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