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Islam and Culture Seminar: A Must Attend!

In the world we live in today, there is so much misinformation and misrepresentation of Islam. For so many people, they understand Islam as a faith like so many faith out there, where you practice it whenever you feel like. But can that be the truth? Does Islam affect just a simple aspect of our lives or does it affect EVERY aspect of our lives? Can i be a “part time” muslim?


There are so many cultures in the world today especially in Nigeria where we have hundreds of tribes and languages. How do we intertwine Islam and our culture? Is there any conflict?


Many questions that you can have answers to in the upcoming Crystal Muslim Organization Essay Competition and Prize Presentation Seminar on May 6th. There are many line up of erudite and vast speakers from within and outside Nigeria to help you understand this aspect of Islam.


One beauty of the seminar is that it is FREE but registration is required by clicking here


It is not time to procrastinate, do not waste this opportunity. Register a seat by visiting the website here

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