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Sight The Moon With Us


In the next couple of days, with a joyous countdown, we will be in the month of Ramadan. To mark the beginning of the month, Muslims are expected to look out for the new moon on the 29th of Shaaban (the 8th Month on the islamic Calendar) corresponding with Wednesday, 16th May.


We are warmly inviting all Non-Muslims in Nigeria to also join us in this beautiful experience of sighting the moon of the month of Mercy, Ramadan.


What You Should Do?

When it is close to sunset, brace up and start looking out after the sunset, which should be around 6:40pm till 7:15pm. You scan the horizon, the new moon appears usually in the western sky where the sun sets.


When you finally see the moon reach out to the National Moon Sighting Committee here


Comment and share your experience.

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