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The Muslim Laundry Man Who Returned 8,000 Naira

It is not everyday you get to see a Hero. With many people involved in crimes and deceit around the world, being truthful and honest is a beautiful and meritorious act. That was the experience of a customer who gave his clothes to a dry cleaner, Sani.

 Muslims, however, have been enjoined to be truthful and honest. Allah says:


“O you who have believed, fear Allah and be with those who are true.”

Surah Tawbah Chapter 9 Verse 119


Tahir Talba shared his joy and happiness when his dry cleaner returned the 8,000 Naira he left in his clothes. He narrates:


“This is Sani, [08033495552]
(the laundry man that found 8000 Naira in my pockets and returned it when I went to get my laundry from him.

NB: my laundry was just 4000 naira”


Sani was praised by many Nigerians for his honesty. While some shared their own experiences.


Someone shared his experience thus:

“One day I took my car to a car wash and wandered off. When I returned, the young boy (not more than 25) returned 1000 Naira he found under my car seat. To him it was the normal thing to do. I bought him lunch and prayed the society doesn’t corrupt him.”


Yusuf Lawal said:

“Sani you will never lack may Allah reward your good intention. honesty is the best policy keep it up. am happy you exhibit this noble character”


Hajara Muhammad said:

“Halal(Permissible) income is better. May Allah bless him with islamic thoughts. Givers never lack, you will not lack inshaAllah”


For many of us who intend to patronize Sani can find him at FCDA quarters Mosque in Wuse 2 FCT or call him on 08033495552.


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