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A Man With A Mission

A Man With A Mission In the world we live in today, we enjoy some liberties that were not present in the past. Women were seen by different societies as properties of their husbands, the slaves had no rights, and it was a death sentence to speak against idols. These are just a few of

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The 5 Most Blatant Lies You Have Heard All Your Life

1. Religion of Arabs Many people have ignorantly claim that Islam is for the Arab. Islam is in reality not a new religion, it is a way of life that has been in existence since the time of our father, Adam (peace be upon him). Islam means total submission to the will of Allah as

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You may be wondering who this man Muhammad(peace be upon him) was, What he taught and why more than 2 billion Muslims revere him around the world. He was a man who invited the world to the worship of the Creator alone without associating anyone in worship to Him. He came as a guide to

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